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At Diana's Beauty Lab, we proudly offer a range of skin treatments, to help you achieve your beauty goals with confidence and precision. Experience the transformative power of our treatments in the hands of our skilled professionals.


We are dedicated to empowering aspiring lash artists through our educational services. Our courses provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to embark on a rewarding career in lash extensions, nurturing the next generation of beauty professionals.


Diana's Beauty Lab specialises in eyelash extensions, offering a diverse range of styles including classic, volume and hybrid lashes. Elevate your gaze with our meticulously crafted lash designs for a stunning, customised look.


We provide comprehensive eyebrow services, including waxing, tinting, and expert shaping, to enhance your brows and frame your face beautifully. Trust our skilled professionals for perfectly sculpted and defined eyebrows.


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Discover a world of transformative beauty with our comprehensive range of skin services. At Dianas Beauty Lab, we specialise in the art of aesthetic enhancements, helping you rejuvenate your appearance and boost your confidence. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing safe, effective, and personalised treatments that cater to your unique needs.


Advanced Eyelash Extensions Mentoring 1:1 (4 Hours)

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Advanced Eyelash Extensions Course

Advanced Eyelash Extensions Course

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"When researching where I wanted to start my lash journey one of the only people that stood out to me was Dianas beauty lab. Diana's work ethic and attitude towards the industry as a whole both inspired, and motivated me to finally get up and start somewhere. I completed a 1:1 course with her which was a delightful experience, she shared tips and tricks on perfecting the best technique. Diana also provided me with a starter kit to initially start me somewhere, her products are like no other. The high quality is definitely worth it and would recommend it to any lash artist who's searching for the perfect lashes. I can finally say that if anyone wants to begin somewhere, I'd definitely recommend Diana's training course. Yet the best decisionI've made by far when trying to start somewhere. If you're looking for a sign, this is it!"

— Jennifer, student

"Hey Diana. Just wanted to say thank you so much for your 5 week introductory lash course! I'm so glad that I messaged you about it and decided to join! Before your course I had absolutely no experience with the actual process and theory behind lashing but now feel confident in my knowledge and I'm improving my technique everyday thanks to you! Your teaching style is excellent andI loved being able ask for help and you would show me specific ways to do things and how to do them best. This course has definitely changed my career plans to continue and i'm so excited to get others to enjoy lashes as much Ido! Thank you again for everything!"

— Nina, student

"Thank you so much for my lashes! I'm absolutely obsessed with them, been getting compliments all weekend. After years of deciding and searching, I'm glad I came to you. Definitely coming back Thank you, you are beautiful"

— Mariam, client

"Doing a lash course with @dianasbeautylab was definitely one of the smartest choices i've made. Not only does she provide an amazing experience as well as sharing her knowledge and skills, Diana makes it her mission for you to understand how to overcome any challenges and difficulties you may have. I recommend anyone whether you are just a beginner at lashes or need that extra boost for your business to definitely check out @dianasbeautylab. You won't regret it"

— Rose, student

"Training with Diana was the best! She made sure we all understood everything before you moved on and explained everything in depth. The 2 day training was very entertaining which made it even better. Thanks to this course I am now able to work from the comfort of my own home as well as breach to mobile service. From a basic 9-5 job I am now making about $1.5k weekly andI have only been doing lashes for a few months now!Overall, definitely recommend!!!"

— Angela, student

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