All things Lashes & Brows

At Diana's Beauty Lab, we're passionate about enhancing your natural beauty and making your eyes truly mesmerising. Our comprehensive eye-focused services are designed to help you achieve the stunning look you've always dreamed of. Explore our range of expertly curated services, including:

Eyelash Extensions:
Transform your lashes with our premium eyelash extension service. Whether you desire a natural, everyday look or glamorous red-carpet elegance, our skilled technicians will customise your extensions to your exact specifications. Enjoy long, lush lashes that beautifully frame your eyes, giving you that effortlessly radiant allure.

Brow Services: Your brows are an essential part of your facial aesthetics. Our brow experts will shape, groom, and enhance your eyebrows to suit your unique features and style. Whether you prefer a soft, natural arch or bold, defined brows, we've got you covered.

Lash Tint: Enhance the colour and definition of your lashes with our lash tinting service. Perfect for those who want to add depth to their lashes without the need for mascara. Wake up every day with dark, luscious lashes that highlight your eye's beauty.

Eyebrow Lamination: Achieve the trending "fluffy brow" look with our eyebrow lamination service. This innovative treatment restructures your eyebrow hairs, giving them a sleek, groomed appearance that stays in place. Your brows will look naturally full and beautifully shaped, without the need for daily maintenance.

At Diana's Beauty Lab, we pride ourselves on our expertise and dedication to making your eyes the centre of attention. Our services are tailored to your unique preferences and features, ensuring you leave feeling confident and radiant.

Indulge in the luxury of a rejuvenated, eye-catching look. Book your appointment today, and let us unveil the true beauty of your eyes at Diana's Beauty Lab



Hey beautiful, thank you so much for the lashes! I'm obsessed with them! My whole family loves them, thank you so much!! Your work is amazing!

— Jennifer

Thank you so much for the lashes babe. I'm actually in love with them, you're the best lash tech I've been to by FAR!! I definitely will be coming back!

— Gabby

I'm literally so obsessed with the lashes and brows OMG! I think this is the lash style & length I'll stick to from now on, I can't stop staring at them!

— Nina