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This item contains a sustainable material such as upcycled nylon or organic cotton

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Indulge in Premium Lash Aftercare with the DBL Aftercare Bag!

Introducing the DBL Aftercare Bag, your all-inclusive solution for luxurious lash aftercare. Priced at $45.00, this exclusive kit includes essential items carefully curated to enhance the longevity and beauty of your lash extensions. Elevate your aftercare routine with this premium collection, which typically retails at $73.50, offering you exceptional value and unparalleled quality.

What's Included:

  1. Portable Kitty Fan: Choose your preferred color of the portable kitty fan, designed to efficiently dry your lash extensions after application. Enjoy the convenience of quick drying and optimal retention, ensuring your lashes last longer and look flawless.

  2. Diamante Spoolie: Personalize your aftercare routine with a diamante spoolie, available in various colors of your choosing. This elegant spoolie allows for gentle grooming, ensuring your lashes stay tangle-free and beautifully styled.

  3. Lash Cleanser and Brush: Maintain pristine lashes with our specially formulated lash cleanser and soft brush. Effectively remove impurities, makeup residue, and oil, ensuring your lashes remain clean, healthy, and free from buildup.

  4. Signature DBL Bag: Store your aftercare essentials in our signature DBL bag, a chic and convenient pouch designed to keep your items organized and easily accessible. Travel in style and sophistication, showcasing your commitment to high-quality aftercare.

Key Features:

  • Premium Aftercare: The DBL Aftercare Bag offers a premium selection of products designed to enhance the health and longevity of your lash extensions. Experience superior aftercare results with our meticulously curated items

  • Customization Options: Tailor your aftercare experience to your preferences. Choose the color of your portable kitty fan and diamante spoolie, allowing you to express your style while caring for your lashes.

  • Exceptional Value: Enjoy exceptional value with the DBL Aftercare Bag, which combines essential aftercare items into a comprehensive kit. Save on individual purchases while indulging in top-tier aftercare products.

  • Long-Lasting Lashes: Proper aftercare is essential for prolonging the life of your lash extensions. The products in the DBL Aftercare Bag contribute to optimal retention, ensuring your lashes stay beautiful and intact between fills.

  • Convenient and Stylish: Effortlessly integrate these aftercare items into your routine. The stylish DBL bag allows you to carry your essentials with ease, ensuring you're always prepared to care for your lashes wherever you go.

  • Enhanced Beauty: Clean, well-maintained lashes not only last longer but also enhance your overall appearance. The DBL Aftercare Bag helps you achieve flawless lashes, elevating your natural beauty and confidence.


Why Choose the DBL Aftercare Bag:
  • All-in-One Solution: Simplify your aftercare routine with this all-in-one kit. The DBL Aftercare Bag covers your essential aftercare needs, ensuring your lashes receive the attention they deserve.

  • Luxurious Experience: Treat yourself to a luxurious aftercare experience. DBL Aftercare Bag delivers premium products in a sophisticated package, elevating your self-care routine to new heights.

Indulge in the ultimate lash aftercare experience with the DBL Aftercare Bag. Elevate your lash extension journey,  enhance the beauty of your lashes, and showcase your dedication to premium aftercare. Don't miss this opportunity to pamper your lashes – order the DBL Aftercare Bag now and experience the difference in your aftercare routine!