Disposable Lip Wands

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This item contains a sustainable material such as upcycled nylon or organic cotton

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Maintain Hygiene and Precision with Disposable Lip Wands!

Introducing our Disposable Lip Wands, a must-have tool for lash artists and beauty professionals, available at just $6.99. These versatile wands are designed to ensure impeccable hygiene and precise application, making them an essential addition to your beauty arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Hygienic Application: Our Disposable Lip Wands are perfect for maintaining hygiene during lash applications. Use them to apply lash remover, prime lashes, or clean lashes thoroughly. Each wand is disposable, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring a safe and sanitary environment for your clients.

  • Versatile Usage: These wands offer versatility in your beauty routine. Use them to separate lashes, apply mascara, or groom brows with precision. Their fine bristles allow for controlled and detailed application, enhancing the overall look of your lash and brow services.

  • Convenient and Portable: Compact and lightweight, these disposable wands are easy to carry in your makeup kit, purse, or beauty bag. Whether you're working in a studio or on the go, these wands provide a convenient solution for various beauty applications.


  • Professional Finish: Achieve a professional finish with these disposable wands. The fine bristles enable you to apply products evenly and smoothly, ensuring a polished look for your clients.

  • Efficient Cleaning: Use these wands to clean lashes thoroughly before application, ensuring a clean canvas for lash extensions. The disposable nature of the wands simplifies the cleaning process and saves valuable time during appointments.

  • Safe and Gentle: Crafted with soft and gentle bristles, these wands are suitable for all skin types. They provide a comfortable experience for your clients, making lash and brow applications a breeze.

Why Choose Our Disposable Lip Wands:

  • Affordability: Priced at just $6.99, our Disposable Lip Wands offer cost-effective hygiene solutions for beauty professionals. Stock up on these wands to maintain cleanliness and precision in your services.

  • Professional-Grade Quality: Designed for professionals, these wands meet the highest quality standards, ensuring consistent performance and client satisfaction.

Elevate your beauty services with our Disposable Lip Wands. Experience the convenience of hygienic application and precise grooming, ensuring your clients receive top-notch beauty treatments every time. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your professional toolkit – order now and elevate your beauty applications to the next level!